Zaha name meaning Day Climbing Time

Zaha Meaning and Details

MeaningDay Climbing Time
Pronounce Zaha
Lucky Number6
Lucky Colors Red
Light Green
Lucky Stones
Topaz IconTopaz
Lucky MetalsCopper
Name Length4 Letters and 1 Word
Short NameYes

Zaha, a name often associated with Day Climbing Time, is typically given to Boys. It holds significance in the Muslim community, where it is believed to bring luck, particularly when the number 6 is associated with it. In terms of auspicious days, Sunday, Tuesday are considered lucky for individuals named Zaha. The favored colors associated with this name are Red, Rust, Light Green, while the recommended lucky stone Topaz. If you’re looking for the ideal metal, Copper is considered fortunate for those named Zaha.

Discover the Profound Meaning of the Name Zaha in English

Explore the rich significance and origins of the name Zaha in our comprehensive Muslim English names section.

Understanding Zaha's Name Meaning in English

Zaha's name resonates with a heavenly connotation. In English, Zaha is described as Day Climbing Time, reflecting a pure and ethereal essence.

What's the Lucky Number for Zaha?

Numerology plays a significant role in names. For Zaha, the lucky number is 6 This number is often associated with balance, harmony, and a unique sense of individuality.

Zaha's Religious Association

Zaha is a name deeply rooted in the Muslim faith, reflecting its rich cultural and religious heritage.

The Auspicious Colors for Zaha

Colors can have significant meanings. For those named Zaha, the auspicious colors are Red, Rust, Light Green, each symbolizing different aspects of luck and prosperity.